What’s Journal Quartile and Journal Quartile

Journal quartile and ranking

A quartile is the ranking of a journal or paper definite by any database based on the impact factor (IF), citation, and indexing of that particular journal. It can divide into four different quadrants starting with Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4.

Q index simply means quartile which is the ranking of any journal that belongs to a specific or particular field of discipline and also known as the parameter of measuring or ranking of a journal.

First of all, usually, all indexing agencies are going to arrange all journals by divide into four different quads depending on the quality of the journal and the citation received. The quartile rank and journal impact factor percentage published by any indexing agency yearly rankings of science and social science journals, in any subject categories relevant to the journal based on Impact Factor (IF) data. Hence the quartile rankings are therefore derived for each journal in each of its subject categories according to which quartile of the impact factor (IF) allocates that this journal occupies for that subject category and this defined the ranking of the journal.

 Quartiles Ranking based on IF distribution

  • Quartile 1(Q1): The first position of the top 25% of journals in a particular category are placed in this category (top 25%)
  • Quartile 2 (Q2): The middle-high position subsequent occupied by 25% Journal after quartile 1 fall under this category (between top 25% to 50%)
  • Quartile 3 (Q3): The middle-low position next 25% Journal title after Q2 fall under this category (between 50% to 75%)
  • Quartile 4 (Q4): The last or lowest position following 25% Journal title of a selected field will fall under this category (between 75% to 100%).

In addition to the impact factor, citations, indexing the ranking of journals in each subject category are divided into quartile by JCR and SJR. These quartiles rank journals from highest to the lowest position in the scientific field.

What do you mean by Journal Quartile? 

If you are a Ph.D. students or teachers, then you are lucky to be attached to a University Research System where they have access to the web of science database where they can easily find this Quarter of Journals

But, what about students and researchers who do not have access to websites there is still an easy way to do this provided that they are aiming for a good journal to publish their research. Many times people get confused when they publish in Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 they are referring to the quarter stated on a similar website. We are here with you to show you the right way and how we can do that easily

For your research assessment ranking, you find the quartile in the web of science where you will need access to Thomson Reuter’s Journal Citation Report (JCR) in the web of science database to identify the portal of the journal but unfortunately, we sometimes don’t have access to this JCR part in the web of science. I’m going to show you an easy way how we can do this by just looking at the journal website 

Let explain with an example, if you want to find out the information about the quad tile in Thomson Reuter’s Journal Citation Report (JCR) and as you all know that JCR is closely related to the web of science and if you are looking for a Journal title you can simply go to JCR and don’t have any idea about the Journal that you want to publish.  But you can simply click on browse by category then they’re going to provide you the list of Journal in JCR and from here you simply choose your category for example if I want to search for Journal of science then you can simply click on the number of Journal in science and see all the Journals. Now how do you want to identify the quartile information then you can scroll down and you’re going to see a group tank of Journal titles available. Let me explain to you about that this list once you have chosen the category they’re going to show all the titles under that specific category and this list is actually according to the number of Journal quality as you know the Journal impact factor (IF) distribution which is decided based on an average number of citations received by the journal within the last two years period.

If the citations of a Journal or paper were higher and better then they’re going to rank the Journal high and respectively improve the Journal quality.

If you want to see the quartile you can simply go here and clicks then they’re going to provide you with the option where you can choose which quota that you want to see in Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 respectively

For example, if you want to see only Q1 Journal then you click Submit and they’re going to list down only fertile one Journal represent by 25% the best general in this field and you can choose the same if you want to go to Q2, Q 3, and Q 4 rank respectively.

If you want to further, explore any of the journals here you can simply click on the title then you’re going to see the detailed information about that journal and get all information of a specific journal and this is the quad information.

 Note: Different indexing metrics i.e., SCImago Journal Rank, Science Journal Rank, Social science journal rank, Scopus journal rank, etc. has a different policy of calculating the impact factor (IF) and citation and simultaneously modification in the quartile ranking.

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