What’s a Journal and Types of best Research Journal

Journals and type of journals

What’s a Journal

Journal means research journal, and the types of a research journal can be decided by the contribution of authors and the members of the editorial boards of that particular Journals, but not by the publisher or by the area to which that journal belongs.

Calling a ‘national’ or ‘international’ journal is a great thing! Most opines or any journal that can be published in India are called ‘international’. In other words, any journals published from any country other than India can be called ‘international’.

Few journals are published and printed in the local language considering local issues can be called the National Journal. At the same time, an article with a wide-ranging and global impact is published in the Journal and is being circulated around the world can be called an international publication.

Generally, there are three types of journals on the basis of author contribution and place of publication 

  • What’s a Local journal

The Journal published by a publisher and the publisher may be an individual or university, institute, or any other organization, and the authors of this journal one be from a specific area or region.

For example, a university-run journal and all university teachers and staff publish the research paper in that journal and such type of journal called a local journal.


If an individual starts a journal from a specific area and that area may be a district or a state and the authors of that journal are from that specific area only in this condition that type of journal is also called a local journal.

  • What’s a National journal

Are those journal published by any publishers across India and all authors from India can publishing their research papers in that journal such type of a journal called national Journal.

For example, some UGC-CARE list journal or some other journal related to any society, agency, or university, in which all authors of different institutes across Indian only can publish their paper in spite of a specific area or the university called the national journal.

  • What’s an International journal

A journal is only called international if 67% of its author’s from global institutions and also the editorial boards are from global institutions. Don’t confuse with this International name, sometimes most of the Journal adds international before its name. If one journal adds international before its name doesn’t go with that just observe the editorial board and the contribution of authors in that particular journal and then final that journal national or international.

In spite of that check the indexing of the journal, because some journals write the impact factor which is not genius. Only the web of science (WoS) can prove the reliable impact factor and no such agency has copyright or authority to provide the impact factor, but some local indexing agency can provide impact factor but it is not reliable.

Sometimes journal writes impact factor-like 4, 5 …6, etc. which is a much higher impact factor but it is not genius and you can check the impact factor provided by WoS only which is authentic. 

While checking the indexing note that all publishers provide you the number of databases on their website and you need just click the link and if the journal name is available on the website on that database, then only you can understand that this journal is indexed in that particular database.  

If the publisher is writing only the text in indexing, but that is not linked the target website of database in this case this is not the reliable source of database and indexing is not reliable, avoid such types of Journal