What is the impact factor of the best journal in Research

impact factor of research Journal

What’s the Impact factor

The impact factor (IF) is used by many as an outlook for the relative importance of a journal in its scholarly field and is called the regularity of research articles in a journal that has been cited in a particular year. If the impact factor of a journal is high it is considered a good Journal and if it’s low then the journal not much good.

The impact factor is considered from the journal citation report that is JCR published by Thomson Reuters and is derived from the Science Citation Index and the Social Science Citation Index. Edwin the founder of this term coined the term impact factor in 1975 and he was also the founder of the Institute of scientific information. This citation database covers more than 12,000 journals globally consisting of around 3000 publishers and the list is increased day by day. 

The impact factor varies from journal to journal and the more the impact factor better the journal quality it might be like less than 5 or 5 plus it is quite average and good if more than 10 0r 20 and the quality increases so on.

How to calculate the Impact factor

The impact factors of a journal are calculated by this database by taking two years the publication history of the journal divided by the total number of citations of a single year, For example: if the journal has an impact factor of 5 in 2019, that means all the articles published in 2017 and 2018 have, on average, 5 citations each during that period.

The impact factors are used to compare the journal of a specific field not in the allied field and generally represent the statistical citation of that journal in the previous year means the impact factor of a journal in 2020 means the database of 2019.

Impact Factor will continue to be important while being criticized by others but it will have to grow and evolve within the system, the author level metrics, institutional level metrics; article-level metrics will ensure that these evolution happen and if editors, editorial boards, or even authors can significantly self-cite the publication thereby affecting the Impact Factor.

Role of Impact factor in Research publication

When you publish your research with quality journals with a high impact factor means that your paper will get more citations and this is exactly the meaning of the impact factor and also, your paper will have some value to doing some background. Nowadays researchers are very much behind publishing their papers with a good impact factor and if you want to publish a paper I suggest you make sure to see the impact factor of the journal which is mention in the about us page or somewhere on the website of that particular journal or enlisted in the JCR list of that year.

A new journal will not get a place in the JCR database until after two years of existence and they would not have any impact factors because they are not getting cited in that database and my suggestion to you don’t publish your research papers in just Journal which is very new and try to publish in other journals because usually, they have good impact factors and also try to publish a paper with an impact factor of five-plus or more is the better impact factor.

If you publish your paper with a good impact factor today then tomorrow you can have a good number of citations and which help you gain the quality of that particular paper and in the future, this helps in your increments or job status which is directly depending upon your impact-full research.

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