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Koshal Research Support(KressUp) Is A Research Support Platform For Academics And Researchers That Can Provide You With An E-Podium For Teaching,Scientific Writing,Blogging, Reading, Publishing, Community Service, and Charity Work.

KressUp provides systematic content that will develop your writing and presenting skills throughout your educational career, as well as the Edtech scientific culture, which acts as a tool of education for individuals seeking academic success in life.


“We are working at almost twice the capacity”

On the basis of our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas, Modi Ji’s novel concept

“Ek Sankalp, Ek Lakshya– Aatm Nirbhar Bharat” and “Sab Padho, Sab Badho or Earn Karo,”


Our experts will assist you in improving your academic skills and achieving your objectives. KressUp’s main objective is to provide proper knowledge ofscientific writing and guidance for 100% success in R&D. Possibility of becoming your own boss, Possibility of becoming a professional


KressUp is an e-learning platform that provides Novel Scientific Articles,Blog Posts, E-content, Paper and Thesis Writing, Data Analysis, Website design, Free Teaching, E-notes, and FAQ, among other services.

We hope to host Webinars, Training Support, Live Lecture Series, and other events on a regular basis.


If you need any assistance or help, feel free to Contact Us at info@kressUp.com

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