What is research

Generally, research involves collecting data, documenting important information, analyzing that information, and interpreting it according to the methodologies prescribed for addressing questions and solving problems in a particular area.

What is the purpose of research

There are three main purposes of research, which are to advance knowledge, improve understanding, and guide decision-making.

What are the different types of research

Qualitative research, quantitative research, mixed methods research, and action research are some of the different types of research that exist.

What is qualitative research

In qualitative research, non-numerical data is gathered and analyzed to understand human behavior, experiences, and perspectives by means of methods like interviews, observations, and focus groups to gain a deeper understanding of these factors.

What is quantitative research

A quantitative research method is a method of collecting and analyzing numerical data through methods such as surveys, experiments, and statistical analysis to determine the cause and effect of a phenomenon.

What is mixed methods research

In the context of mixed methods research, data collection and analysis is carried out using both quantitative and qualitative methods within the same research.

What is action research

It can be defined as a type of research involving active engagement with a problem or issue in order to develop and implement solutions to the problem or issue.

How coin the term action research

In 1944, Kurt Lewin professor of MIT coined the term action research as a concept that has since become synonymous with the field of research and study

What is a research question

Generally, research questions are questions that a researcher is trying to answer with the help of the research that they have conducted

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