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I have noticed that few people among us didn’t really know about, what is the exact difference between a scholarship, fellowship, and stipend.

In general, it assumes that all these are the financial aid for students and the searchers or only an individual within interest to research and they said something new. In some  basic difference, the scholarships and fellowships are instituted by the University Research Center, academic institution, laboratory, tournaments, or foundations, and stipends can also be departmental or organizational

So let discuss the main difference between them and the difference is only on the basis of the financial aid, mode of payment, and periods.

If we are looking for a difference between these, the scholarships are available from the early stage of the academic carrier even before you know the carrier and undergraduate studies one may if there are a scholarship in the school but no fellowships are available for the third stage and will be awarded by a specific organization to help ones financially during his degree or for conduct analysis about a distinct topic and stipend is a fixed sum of money paid as a salary or as an expense in the form of scholarship, internship, or traineeship to a clergyman or public official, etc.


The term scholarship always means it is financial aid available for the student including tuition fee and fair supposed to be living allowance or any other etc., but there is always money included in the scholarship. For example, if someone gets a scholarship to study at the university or to do research just means that the person has for sure received money to study how to do research. If your University declared a scholarship scheme for undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate students for research purposes, which means the University is going to provide some full or partial cover of budgets. All financial aid available for undergraduate studies and University and is called this scholarship which may increase your financial illiteracy and will increase the amount of financial aid and scholarships that you get.


The fellowship though and some most cases of financial aid which will be provided but interim does not necessarily suppose the financial aid. If we are talking about the fellowship it is first of all the status only then a financial aid, fellowship is the status within the University or Research Institute or it may be or may not include financial aid. For example in the University sometimes announced a fellowship and only provide a hard disc with a computer at the library for their particular position often applies meaning renowned researchers are public figures who are ready to favor all the other costs themselves are only received and announced.

Fellowship announced may be granted is the status within the academic institutions and it’s nothing more okay with no financial aid just status with their status the person may be accepted as a failure of certain college departments and he is over with some research, library and research facilities.

The graduate-level financial aid is called the fellowship and it may be available for the students who are particularly interested in some specific research area scholarships are granted to the student’s student level and the Fellowships are mainly for the experienced individual to apply.


What exactly is a stipend, if you want to be a paid student then it’s a word you should be looking for? but seriously though keep this word on your radar let’s get back to the definition “A stipend is simply a fixed sum of money paid periodically to cover expenses it’s usually a payment made to a student trainee or learner for living expenses unlike a salary or wages which are paid to an employee, fellowships or studentships or it is direct cash in your pocket money is usually in the form of a stipend”

Stipends are to support the pursuit of study training or research stipends can also be departmental or organizational, it is pretty much cash in your student pockets

Note: For Eligibility criteria, how to apply  for scholarships, fellowships, and stipend, and For other details, you can click on UGC Scheme   and National Portal for scholarship 

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