How to Write a Best Research Paper for (SCI/JCR) Journal


If you are a beginner in research and going to start scientific writing or working to write a full-lenght research paper

It is challenging for you to write a quality research paper, if you are never done it before.

We are here to help you

This article helps you to understand every step to do while writing an effective and impactful research paper and your research gets a good grade in the scientific community.

The rejection of your paper from a standard Journal (SCI/JCR) totally depends upon the decorum of scientific writing and drafting of your paper. We are here to help you.

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The following step will help you write a research paper, starting from your project selection to the publication process in a standard journal.

Different sections and steps in writing a research paper

#Selection of your project

Project is the assignment decided by your supervisor, professor, or university in which you have to work and solve your chosen objective. Think about your project take time and clarify working strategies to be used during this work.

Need to read the literature carefully to identify the purpose and goal of your project. Find out the method cum protocol used to crack the objective of your research project.

And if you are not ok with your project asked your supervisor or teacher to change your project or to promote help in clarifying the doubt before finalizing the project till you feel that I am on the right track and finish the project properly.

#Selection of research topic

This is the brainstorming exercise for you to select a topic from your project to write a successful paper. Your topic should be the one objective of your project or a part of your project to write about.

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You are alert about the importance, significance, and societal benefits of your topic selected. You should be the expert on the topic at the end of this process and even defend everything if someone calls for that.

#Review of literature

If needed, you have to gather consistent information about your topic and working procedure. Work to understand all viewpoints and scientific thoughts on your topic.

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This can be attained by reading a variety of articles, use Google search, Wikipedia research, and published paper, book, etc. to overview the topic and incorporate different points or extra pieces of suggestion which can explain the topic in depth.

Note the keywords from all sources that can improve your research and quickly understand the larger amount of information, but the source of information should be reliable and authenticated.

#Organize your research

When you have to start writing about the selected topic, need to organize your research designed outline including each portion, subheading of your paper, and how to explain each. Write a simple and pointwise in a notebook and repeat the process until you satisfied to solve your objective.

You might have to note all bookmark resources on your web browser or make a digital liberal or folder in your computer that contains all links and resources of information used. You have to write down or print all you have learned related to your topic and note on a notecard or stick notes and organize your research paper.

#Writing a research paper

As now, Finally, it’s time to write that you have researched and organized, you are ready to communicate your judgment, argument, or claim in the form of a manuscript, by adding all the skills that you have attained as a researcher and author. This paper or manuscript you put forward for the readers and show what you are trying to explain or prove

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For example, you are writing your idea, thick and memorize that you have already done lots of research on exploring this topic, trust in your effort and start writing your paper by using your ideas in your argument. Writing your idea will help you avoid plagiarism, copying, etc.

Plagiarism is the unaccredited use of someone else words and knowledge, this always sounds scary, but it does not require if you follow proper instruction in work and confidence while creating your project that shapes your topic without stealing, copying, and plagiarizing other work.

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Don’t worry about you write and finding the perfect words, using the prefer grammar, and sentences making the next step will be paper editing and you can edit in the right way, know you just need to write.

#Editing content and formatting in research paper

Now you have a written paper, meanwhile congratulation yourself. You have done a lot to achieve this goal. Still, you need lots of skills to correct your paper in a proper scientific manner.

Start working on your paper, which means thinking about the structure, design, and wording, and length of the paper, you carefully formatting your paper (see the guideline of paper formatting) till it sounds good and makes sense.

#Grammar checking in research paper

Like editing for content, editing grammar might take a few notes. It is also important to fix the grammatical mistakes before submitting a paper for publication and grammatically correct write up feel more focused and catchy.

This is unexciting work, if you are insecure in using the sentences in your paper there are lots of tools and resources available freely like Grammarly to help you.

#Proofreading and re-read in research paper

Once you have finished all steps, take a break of a few days and hours before submission for publication, take a print out of your paper and read this hard copy over and over again to catch the mistake and refine your paper.

You might notice mistakes or error that was not observed on your computer screen if possible had over to your supervisor or co-author for proofreading.

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Once you have rectified the paper repetitively and add all corrections read it for the final time and double-checked that your paper does everything the project is asked for, it’s time to submit.

#Submission of research paper

Now it’s time to publish your research work in the form of a paper in an appropriate journal (sees how to submit a paper).

Find out the journal suitable for your research paper that covers your area of research, Matches the title of the paper using the Journal Finder Tool.

Arrange or format your paper according to journal guidelines for submission of the paper, which outlines the essential step to assemble the paper. It is very important to stick to the “guideline for author” of the journal to which you are submitting your paper.

Wrapping Up

This is all about the research paper writing process and hopefully, you can write any effective academic research paper by using these strategies, before publishing your manuscripts in a suitable research journal,

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Note: The publication policy and process of publication will alter Journal to a journal and one has to follow the journal policy in paper writing, formatting, and body content of the paper for better publication and no rejection.

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General FAQ Related To Research Paper

Q 1. What is a research paper

It is a published academic document that presents the findings of original research work on a specific topic.

Q 2. Why is a research paper important

It is important because it allows researchers to share their resaerch findings with others, contribute new knowledge to their field of study .

Q 3. How do I conduct research for a paper

To conduct research for a paper, you can start with literature review from a reliable sources such as books, journals, government reports, and online databases, evaluate them and analyse the data to support your writting

Q 4. How do I write a research paper

First of all choose a topic, conduct research, organize your findings, and create an outline. Write a rough draft, revise and edit it, and format according to the guidelines

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