How To Write Best Abstract for Conference and Research Paper


Commonly an abstract could be a summary of any scientific writing, research articles, thesis, or any documents, which contain all the data in your document, prepared in such a manner that readers get all information and analysis similarly because the argument of your documents quickly and understanding the aim of your manuscript.

The structure of an abstract contains the following points  

  • Title/objective of the study  
  • Authors:
  • Affiliation:
  • Corresponding author:
  • Abstract body:
  • Keywords:
  • Acknowledgments:

Abstract published in SCI/WoS Journal


Generally, in all science subjects, an abstract should be written in a very maximum of 250 words and 4-5 keywords that may be in Time New Roman font, 1.5 maximum spacing and 12 font sizes using Microsoft word. Corresponding authors must be highlighted by an asterisk (*) and presenting authors must be with bold or underline.

Title/objective of the study: It should be descriptive, direct, and accurate, select a topic that defined your research question and can empower you to try and do research work.

Author: usually the persons how made his academic contribution within the paper i.e. Designed the study and laboratory experiment and data collection, statistical analysis, checked the results, interpreted them, and wrote the manuscript.

Note: You ought to not exceed the number of authors for a clever scientific paper, it should be six or less than six (Varies Journal to Journal) avoid title: Prof./Dr./Mr./Ms. before authors name 

Affiliation of the authors: In an abstract, the affiliation is that the institute/university/college from which each author belongs to, it’s generally enlisted below the author name as, department, University/Affiliation, and Country.

For example, following are the pattern of the author order

 First Author1*, Second Author2, Third Author3… so on

Department, University/Affiliation, Country

Departments, University/Affiliation, Country

Departments, University/Affiliation, Country 

Corresponding author: It’s one in each of the authors who provide intellectual input in your paper or abstract and taking all responsibilities of paper during and in spite of everything communication.

*Corresponding author: E-mail: [email protected]; Phone. 123456789.

Abstract body: Texts of the abstract maximum of 250 words containing different structure viz., Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion: see below image


Objective: the first sentence of an abstract that reflects the topic of study, including time, and region of the study conducted, it also covers the questions highlighted in this study and their interrelationship among themes:

Methods: Is the research designs developed or protocol followed by the researcher to solve the objective of the proposed study and description of the result.

Results: This is the section of the abstract in which one has to simply present the main find of the study without any bias or data interpretation, data should be presented once statically analyzed in a systematic and logical arranged

Conclusion: This is the final section and a portion of an abstract in which you have to say about the issue you raised in your research, thesis, and paper.

Keywords: A least a minimum of five, excluding words from the title, it should be the word and sentences that exactly reflect the content of your writing documents.

Acknowledgments: If any should be placed at the top of the abstract. It enables you to thanks all people who have helped you both finically and morally during the course of your research work.

This is all about writing an abstract and hopefully, you can write an effective abstract for any scientific event or research paper before publishing your manuscripts in a suitable research journal, KRS is an online learning platform, which brings novel articles from time to time, stay connected.

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Notion: This is often to notify you that for writing a successful abstract you have got to read carefully the author guidelines of the selected journal during which you’re visiting publish your paper and overall above design was utilized in good impact journal, conference, symposium, and seminar, etc.

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