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Online Research Promotion

Online research promotion is an effective and efficient way of author interaction and communication with other researchers, readers, by proving them a summary of his/her key findings or research work outcomes in the form of a research paper, articles, etc.

Research promotion is also entitled as a systematic way to increase the impact of quality research in higher education institutions by obtaining information from other authors and with the support of new tools and technologies in existing research and by improving the research skills.

Research and extension activities, writing a research paper, articles, and running projects are an important part of academic teaching in any university and used for promotion cum academic excellence. The research promotion is a dynamic process of growth and development of that institute and these online promotion of all published research work with an updated advertising are used for gaining this popularity.

To achieve the highest quality in research author need to publish his/her research works in a reputed journal with a great impact which is used for the promotion. So each author can choose top research promotion source for their research, so that a novel piece of research results can be seen by other workers globally.

As researchers, you are making great progress in developing valuable knowledge by doing good research, but sharing your research by using research promotion tools with a wider audience can make you more visible in your field and greater visibility will enhance your reputation and impact in your research, which is important for the improvement of the education system, research process and innovation of institution.

What is the prime need for research promotion?

We know that researchers are working in a competitive market and that each researcher are often asked to prove how his/her research has going on and hence these researcher need research promotion …..

To improve ranking among other authors, get recognition and exposure.

To gain self-promotion and making a name in scientific community.

To increase research impact by achieving a maximum number of citations for his/her work from other work which determine the author platform.

To gain identity by sharing academics and researchers’ engagement with your peers and the education community as a whole.

To gain engagement with the audience government, service delivery, industry experts, policymakers for the betterment of the society. 

Next, this promotion of published work will help you to get encouragement and increase the citation level of your research work. To help you get starting research promotion, here is the list of some top-level professional networks and you can promote your latest research article, research papers, project activities, and intensify the expert collaboration with the help of these network sites that help other researchers share and improve your academic reach.

How to use online sources for research promotion

You can find many online resources or leading advertising platform for a particular field and they are interested in promoting your research work that does not fall into these specific areas. Below are some online promotion network mentioned and how to use suggestions, you should consider to promote your research work, thesis, and published papers.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an American business and employment-focused service that operates through websites and mobile applications. Launched on May 5, 2003, this online platform is mainly used for network communication, research promotion, and business network. LinkedIn profile will summarize your professional experience in your connections, current and future plans, and employers. With this updated profile, you can show off your professional life, movements, skills, and interests and used this platform for online research promotion, Important Role of LinkedIn for Education and Professional Development

How to use

You can create an account and complete your profile upgrade your organization profile and make a different connection with others, Join LinkedIn Group, and expert panels, promote your research by sharing key finding  by copy-paste the research on the LinkedIn writing section, republishing and find attractive content for the upgrade your research

2. Academia is the American-based communication website for professional development. It started as a free and open-source textbook and was launched on September 200. This platform is for academic research, scholars who have uploaded more than 22 million papers, and almost 31 million scholars, professionals, and students read the papers each month.

Academia provides free access to everyone’s research and offers pays premium power to subscribers and gives researchers access to advanced discovery tools and provides authors with advanced analytics tools and impact tracking tools.

Academia is one of the top networks to share research papers with millions of people around the world. A study published in PLOS ONE found that papers uploaded in Academia received a 69% citation over five years.

How to use

You can use Google scholar to create your own basic profile and manage your public profile to share papers, lectures, conferences, presentations, etc. Connect with other professionals to create posts, send messages, and read their uploaded research articles. Identify specific research interests, browse, download, and save documents related to your topic.

3. Epiloge

Epiloge is a community of students and professionals founded in 2019 in Germany, to connect, write and be open to create opportunities, showcase research papers, scholarly articles, projects, and ideas. The concept of Epiloge comes from experience working on various projects, presentations, and papers as students and later in our activities. No matter how much effort you put into something, there was no platform designed to display work done as a team in multimedia format.

That is why we have created a platform for people to upload, write or share and used for research promotion what they do in their fields and communicate with others in that way. The things we research, develop or write about, in our view, are the best way to show who we are.

How to use

To create an appropriate profile in your field of interest, Epiloge had no intention of blocking the types of topics or projects, you could freely download scientific or historical papers from a single account. The epiloge can add value to people’s lives and build a user forum for communication, following projects with interested users, finding projects and articles at universities, colleges, or other company profiles, and learning about new ideas.

4. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an easily accessible web search engine that identifies complete text or scholarly writings for a wide range of publishing fields and guidelines. Google Scholar offers an easy way to extensively search for scholarly documents and research promotion. From one location, you can search for a wide range of fields and sources, essays, suggestions, books, summaries, and court opinions, from academic publishers, technology communities, online repositories, universities, and other websites. Google Scholar helps you find a suitable job worldwide for academic research.

How to use

You can use Google expert using a simple three-step process, create your google scholar account and own basic profile by login into and click the “My Profile” link at the top of the page to start setting up your account, add your published research work, projects and make your profile public.

5. Medium

Medium is a place to read articles online and research promotion which is why it is the best place to exchange your research, share it, and distribute it. In the midst of medium is an open platform where 170 million students come to experience creative and powerful thinking. It is a place open to everyone but it enhances the object and the authenticity and it is where deep communication between students and writers can lead to discovery and growth in scientific values.

Our aim is to spread these ideas and deepen our understanding of the world. Together with millions of partners, we are building a trustworthy and dynamic lifestyle that is motivated by important ideas and people who think about them and wish to share their thoughts, idea and research work for the nobility of other and get a name and fame

How to use

You can create an account in less than a minute by going to and clicking the “Get Started” button in the middle of the page or the “Sign In / Sign Up” link at the top of the page. From there you will have four subscription options to choose from: Twitter, Facebook, Google, and email. You can add your article by copying and pasting it into the creative story section or providing a link, republishing it, and share on other social media platforms.

6. ResearchGate

ResearchGate is a European social networking site for scientists and researchers for research promotion, to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators and measure your impact. Get in-depth statistics on who has read your work and follow your quotes, cite your work, etc.

ResearchGate is a technology network for scientists and researchers. More than 20 million members from around the world use it to share, discover, and discuss research. Our mission to connect the world of science and to make research accessible to all.

This also helps you connect with your scientific community, share your research, collaborate with your peers, and get the support you need to improve your career, gain scientific knowledge and stay connected to the world of science

ResearchGate identifies published information in user profiles to encourage members to connect with others with similar interests. When a member submits a query, it includes others who have indicated in their user profile that they have the appropriate expertise.

How to use

Join ResearchGate for free by creating an account at or connect with Facebook or LinkedIn, upload your published research papers, book chapter, conference paper, and other document and view your profile for RG points and citation

7. SlideShare

SlideShare is an American hosting service, founded in 2008 and now owned by Scribd, with professional content-proved research promotion with an online sharing service that allows you to upload and share your PowerPoint slideshows, other types of presentations, infographics, or videos. Users can upload his/her files privately or publicly in PowerPoint, Word, PDF, or OpenDocument format. More than 80 million experts expect SlideShare to learn about any topic as soon as possible from story experts. The slide has since become the top source for professional content. With over 18 million downloads in 40 content categories, today it is one of the 100 most visited websites in the world.

SlideShare has millions of professional users, and the site has many monthly visitors and any uploaded presentation or document shared on SlideShare can be seen by a large number of viewers. This makes it a great tool to share your business message and create traffic to your website.

How to use

Go to SlideShare type at URL: and click the signup button and use LinkedIn to create an account, if you do not have a LinkedIn account, click the login link and set up your new SlideShare account. You should see your profile picture in the top right corner of the SlideShare screen next to the upload button and your account is ready to share your first slideshow online. Upload existing presentations to SlideShare and share your own research work, etc.

8. Use Your Email Signature

It can be quite a simple and effective way of research promotion and leading advertising platform, but adding a link of your work in your Gmail signature and by doing this you make sure your contacts are up to date with your latest research and findings and this is an easy way to help your contacts find your work

How to use An email signature is a text block that appears automatically at the end of an email message. It is used to provide recipients with your contact information such as your name, job title, phone number, and email address, etc. You can also click on Gmail settings and in the “Signature” section, add a link to your search which helps to share your connection with others.

This is all about this article and hope these networks help you in the promotion of your published research  work and you can achieve your academic goal, and get success in life, KRS is an academic cum research platform, which help you in your carrier advancement by brings new articles from time to time, stay connected.

If this is your first time here on this blog helping you grow your academic and research carrier please share and subscribe to our website, so that it can reach all people in need, and for more E-content, for research support, you can find it on our website or you can also write us at [email protected] for a free consultation.

FAQ Related to research promotion

What is research promotion?

Research promotion in an effective and efficient way to communicate the findings of your research quickly and easily by proving a summary of your research work to a wider audience.

What is a promotion network?

It is an online sources or website used by scientists, researchers, and businessmen to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find participants etc.

Why you need promotional networks

This is one place where your work will definitely discover by collaborators and investigators who would like to quote your work to find others and share their work.

How to use this promotional network for research

Create your profile on any network and upload your publications, research paper, and notified when people contact you, request for quote your paper, and cite others publish papers you may interested in.

How do you promote your research?

You can promote your research by publishing in Reputed and index Journal and after publishing advertise of leading advertising platform like social sharing, media streaming, blogging, email marketing, and personal content etc.

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