Coronavirus Lockdown A Vaccine For Ecosystem Restoration

Coronavirus Lockdown A Vaccine For Ecosystem Restoration

The impact of coronavirus lockdown on the restoration of the Environment and Global Warming issue a step toward the “Ecosystem Restoration” which is the theme of World Environment Day 20121.

These Environmental issues include a wide range of pollutants, including ozone, water, industry, noise pollution, increase day by day and in this race man versus wildlife conflict is also considered. But it has been noticed and observed globally that during this lockdown period our environment diversity including flora and fauna get restored better than the previous one. Watch this video for better understanding

Coronavirus: Good for the environment

It has been accepted that this coronavirus Lockdown influence to revive the status of our mother earth and it is not worng to say that this coronavirus act as environmental vaccination to cope up with these global anthropogenic activities and human wildlife conflict, since years back with Zero restoration after spending billions dollar economy on the conservation and management of environment and forests.

But it was noticed and observed that how this Coronavirus Lockdown and previous one also shows postive impact on various environmental parameters, and which was not seen in any scientific studies till now. This lockdown restoration process is a hot topic of research and discussion globally that helps to find the solution of Earth ecosystem degradation which will be for the wellbeing of our mother earth.

Coronavirus Lockdown Supports the Environment To Bounce Back, Stay Safe and Save The Mother Earth

Watch this video analysis to see the postive lockdown impact on this planet

Positive Impact of Coronavirus Lockdown

“Although the human develops coronavirus vaccine, however this coronavirus itself is an environmental vaccine and we humans are viruses”

There is a chance that once the lockdown period has passed the environment pollution levels may return at a faster rate so the human effort to save the environment can have a lasting impact.

Thus, we can conclude that if we make the weather deterioration or worse than Mother Nature is trying to bounce back, and we should understand what the global climate can expect.

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My Suggestion: An annual 2-3 weeks lockdown, which not only improves the Global Environment Status but also saves Billions of Dollars Economy which is used every year to protect this Global Environment Prestige.

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