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During the process of paper publication finding noble reviewers or referees for all filed of research is one of the most challenging tasks and time-consuming processes for the editorial board of a suitable journal. The rapid growth of the posting of articles means that editors are sending more invitations to referees than ever before and as a result, the rate of acceptance of invitations for the review of that journals has dropped dramatically.

Many publishers will ask you for a minimum of 3 reviewers for your paper at the time of paper submission, unlikely when they do not find any expert on the subject of your paper, then they will send your paper for review to your nominated referees, otherwise, they will keep the details of the referees confidential and they can be entitled to send some of their research papers for review to your suggestions referees in future.

You need to find reviewers with the expertise in the subject and appropriate technology to check the content of the article and they need to be willing to complete the review process until the deadline of the publisher. This can impact the process of publication and limit the author editing process. The practice of suggesting referees by the author for their research work is controversial, but a peer review is a principal part of the academic research publishing process and usually, a qualified and professionals referees can check the content of submitted articles to their quality and similarities in accord to journals guidelines. The identity of the referees can be identified or disclosed under the journal publication policies.

How do we get reviewers for our tips of research

Look at the references cited in your article

The reference section of a research article is a good place to start when looking for a reviewer. Here you will find the names of some of the most respected researchers working in the field and the author of that article. It is worth remembering that the identified researchers may be particularly qualified if their article is a comprehensive review of that research area. But beware of conflicts of interest, as authors are likely to cite colleagues or participants.

Use editing board of Journal

The editorial board of that particular journal is a great source for both updates and recommended reviewers and all members of the editorial board participating in this peer review process and will help you improve the effectiveness of article review and expand your review process. These board members can review articles based on their subject expertise and you can even make journal reviews one of the conditions for board membership.

Find earlier writers and guest editors of the journal

Your selected journal for publication is also an outstanding source for possible reviewers for your submitted research paper. You can also suggest the authors of before-published articles and guest editors of the journal and may exactly find what you need in a reviewer. So don’t forget to search the archives for journals and select the topic of your research and find the detail of the previous author for your review.

Use previous referees

You can find the previous reviewers in your database, these are the noticeable people to go to when you need any help and you can find your best reviewers using the review tools in any database for reviewers i.e. ScholarOne or in the Planning Manager.

Note: Make sure you do not ask the same people over and over again, something that can easily happen, and reviewer tiredness can prompt a before engaged reviewer to close your requests.

Use your own research network

Your network will include researchers, academicians, and authors from the relevant areas of research, who can make excellent reviewers. These are peoples who you are working with now, former partners, people you have met at educational conferences or industry events, older colleagues, or mentors, etc. An added bonus of your personal network reviewer is that these people in it may be more open to the way and have a chance to suggest alternatives if they can’t help themselves.

Use primary job researchers or younger colleagues

Older researchers in their field need to build their knowledge by reviewing articles and they are less likely to fill out applications, so they are more likely to be able to help you in your review process. But, it is important to remember that they may need formal training especially if this is the first time they have done peer review.

Use search tools and database to find researchers working on similar topics

There are many search tools and database resources you can use to find referees in your area of research. The electronic peer review system of an online tool helps you to find the appropriate review. Some key tools generally used for searching reviewers are; JANE, Publons’ Reviewer Connect, Taylor and Francis reviewer locator tool, and Web of Science.

When an author submits an article, the referees Locator searches for reviewers based on keyword and abstract keywords. You can set your search preferences on ScholarOne to make sure the search gives you the information you need to properly select reviewers.

This tool allows you to search for researchers or reviewers based on keywords and it works through millions of articles and articles on PubMed to find the most suitable authors to match your search. This powerful tool allows you to view authors depending on the publication number by topic, helping you to find potential reviewers with relevant knowledge of the article you are working on.

After finding the appropriate reviewer for your research paper in any of the above-mentioned ways of search, need to assign his/her name to the editorial office of the selected journal, you can collect the name, email, and affliction address of that particular expert or reviewer and email all these details to the Chief editor of the journal, for example, a suggested review.

Note: Some journals used an online paper submission gateway and in this case, you need to add your potential reviewer’s detail in that portal at that time of submission.

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