5 Importance of An Abstract in a Research Paper II Purpose of An Abstract

Importance Of An Abstract In A Research Paper

As a researcher, I hope you are familiar with the word abstract; if not, it is our pleasure to explain it to you

In general, an abstract is a short summary of the content of a research paper, typically between 150 and 300 words long.

In the flow of a research paper, an abstract is one of the key sections of the document and is usually written at the beginning of the paper in order to introduce the main points of the paper and give a sense of the overall direction of the paper.

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An abstract is often considered to be an essential part of of any scientific research paper

It is important to note that there are many very good reasons why you should include an abstract in your research paper.

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Importance of An Abstract in a Research Paper

There are several reasons why an abstract is important in a research paper and research, In this article, however, only the top 5 facts are mentioned, all of which are discussed in detail about their importance in the research paper.

1. A Quick overview

In abstract of a research paper provides us a brief overview of the research mentioned in that particular paper, so that readers can get a better understanding of how the findings and outcomes of this research paper are of their interests and needs.

2. Research highlights

In this section, author can highlight the main findings and conclusions of the research, giving readers a sense of the paper’s content and what they can expect to learn from it in the future

3. Paper relevance and value

Abstracts can also be used to evaluate the value and relevance of a paper for your own research, as well as for other researchers’ work, which can be useful in determining the quality of your work.

4. Literature summary

Researchers can use abstract as part of their literature review process by providing a concise summary of the research that has been conducted by particular author in that paper and implementation of the idea in his/her research.

5. Indexing and abstracting

There is also the possibility of using this abstract section of a research paper to provide indexing and abstracting services with access to this particular paper for citation and circulation. For example XML formate of paper for indexing

In my opinion, the abstract of a research paper is one of the most important components of a research writing since it serves as a concise and short summary of the paper’s contents and findings, and it act as a foundation or base line for the further discussion and research in the same are of study.

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Purpose of An Abstract

The main purpose of an abstract to provide the reader with a short summary of your paper, as well as a clear understanding of the research and findings you have presented in the paper, which will lead to a better understanding of your research work.

As a result of the abstract you are writing, you can think of it as a mini version of the research paper you have written in a sense.

Wrapping UP

We hope that the steps and importance of an abstract we have shared in this article will help you as you are going to write an abstract for a research paper as part of your journey of research or conduct literature reviews etc.

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General FAQ Related To Importance of An Abstract in a Research Paper

Q 1. Defining meaning in an abstract sense

Abstracts of research papers provide a brief overview of the research mentioned

Q 2. How long should an abstract be

An abstract should generally not exceed 6-7 sentences in length or 150 to 200 words in total.

Q 3. Is it possible to submit a paper without an abstract

No, Research papers without abstracts are generally not accepted

Q 4. What is the right time to write an abstract

Upon completion of your research paper, you should write an abstract to summarize everything you have written in that research paper

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