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Writing summaries is a task that many think is easy but in fact, can be quite challenging. The ability to summarize information is one of the most important thinking skills you can develop. Taking a lot of information, understanding them, what that information means, and allowing it to become a real short section and allows you to have valuable information on hand to get a simple guide without memorizing long verses or complex sums. A technical summary is written for those who need to look at all short of a long document to get general information or to make decisions for any purpose and the biggest problem with summary writing is about deciding what to include and what to leave out.

Summary writing skills 

Summary writing skills need some procedures to follow, as well as practical tips, will allow you to write expert summaries over time. You have to enter all the important information that one will need to understand without reading the original source and you have to enter all the important points.  

Read the original texts, and then present the relevant details, the most important points, whether these are words or phrases. Make sure you understand the original content, including the major and minor categories, as well as the overarching message. Look closely at the topic sentences and keywords that are repeated everywhere. It is important to remember that the summary needs to be explained to someone who has never read, seen, or heard about the original documents. 

You do not want to be defined by details such as numbers, numbers, dates, numbers unless the reader is required to understand it. Remember that you do not want it to be too detailed and you should not skip the main points.  It is important to keep the summary as short as possible and your summary should be 15 to 20 percent of the length of the original material.

 Structure of A Summary 

A good summary should follow and maintain a good structure of the section such as the topic sentence and supporting sentences and the concluding sentence

The key to a summary title sentence is to include the title or author or speaker of the original documents.  While writing the title and in sentences that support the main points and try to follow the same order and information as the original document have and if possible you may summarize the original story which is not in chronological order, and it is not made easier for the reader to understand after change the order, but generally, you can want to keep the same order.

Now, in a nutshell, you should have put words in other words, you should not have used direct quotations from the original material and you should not copy and paste sentences from the text, but you should use your own words to write a summary.

And lastly, it is important that a good summary adds to the purpose, which means you should not summarize your opinion, remembering that you are reporting information from someone else’s writing section or a speech that was in full documents.

So if you follow these tips, you are more likely to write an effective summary, I hope this article helps you write a summary of any documents and KRS needs your comments, and suggestions about the topic for the next article.

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