How To Write A Research Proposal | Best Structure for A Research Proposal

Research Proposal

In this article, we will cover four questions associated with the research proposal first explain what is research proposals are second how to structure your research topic and how to plan your research proposal, and finally, how do you like a good research proposal. 

The research proposal is a declaration that gives the reader a good reason to do the white research and contains some questions that need answers in research problem or question based on previous research or in literature now.

The basic sections in a research proposal are the title of the study introduction, the significance of the research, the literature review, methodology which includes the research design and data analysis expected results ethical statements time frame or type of plan, and budget, and finally your primary references.

What is a research proposal?

A research proposal is a document proposed by a scholar before completing his/her research work. It is a summary of what you intend to research and with the broader context of the research on the subject and the importance of what you are proposing to do that you can think and read freely as well as communicate clearly. 

When you are writing a research proposal you have a list of suitable relevant literature and after writing a killer proposal you can check spelling errors in the proposal carefully during the process of editing and make it a unique first draft that the reader attentive to the reader, what you are proposing to research. 

How do you choose a topic for the research proposal?

You must choose a research topic that you are interested in researching something that you find interesting. It will be a topic that you will work with for an important time such as choosing a supervisor as long as you have a clear topic in mind.

Your topic should give the reader an idea of ​​what you are testing in other words it should clearly show your topic and put what you are doing however do not make it too long or too long it should not be more than 15 words and should catch and draw the attention of the readers.

The introduction introduces the reader to the topic in question and usually begins with a brief review of the history of the topic the introduction describes the general field of interest and shows how the topic you have chosen fits within. This section should show what you like in research. The importance of research discusses your main purpose and the importance of your study. 

There are two things you need to introduce at this point first is the purpose of research. You should indicate what goals you are expected to achieve with your research and what specific research questions will be answered and the second thing is the importance of your research you should be able to show the student why your research is important and what type of contribution you will make in the scientific field.

Significance of your research proposal 

In the significance of your study, there are two main features you should present at this point

First is the purpose, what is the purpose of your study, and the overall aim of your research this should be definite if there are any hypotheses they should also be stated. You should indicate what objectives you expect to achieve through your study and what specific research questions will be addressed

The second part of your significance is, why your research is important and what contribution will your study make to the field of awareness furthermore it is important to show what are the wider implications or uses of your study in the world of knowledge or for a scientific community.

Literature review for research proposal

This is the most important stage or section in the research proposal writing in most cases this is written as a separate chapter review book that should discuss your proposed research relationships with local and international researchers or work carried out in the related field.

The literature review focuses on what has been done in other parts of the world and discussed what major research studies have been done before and highlights how your study will fill the current knowledge gap, and explain the tools you will use in your study. why is it important to do your research and ultimately set the boundaries of your studies? 

Research design or methodology for research proposal

Research design is defined as the working model of your study and discussed in detail how you will collect data and which method you will use what tools or tools you will use to collect data or interviews, check case content analysis, etc should be clearly defined in this section this may include quantitative and qualitative studies. 

The research work you are plan to do and the method is chosen should be in line with your research questions and the research shows the connection between your questionnaire and the data collection tools which you will be used at the end of the study and if your research work includes discussions and evaluating in the research method section may be of the highest quality.

The conceptual framework for which you will use the data analysis should clearly state how you will present your results and discuss any scientific experiments you will use during the research.

There is one tip to work on each idea separately and state the analysis that will be done by the candidate the research section has a section that discusses what you think will be based on your intuition to explore and study.

Primary references for research proposal

It includes a list of all sources and information cited in your proposal or the reference you can use during the preparation of your research proposal, the reference comes at the end of the proposal writing.

 For more about references, you can click on References Writing

Last, but not least provide a technical program and year-wise plan of your research work. You can change this work plan according to your research tenure. We are explaining only for 2 years.


Achievable Target








A thorough review of the literature








An extensive survey,  sampling 







Identification of specimens  or sample







Standardization protocols and experimental work







Experimental and analysis work 







Preparation of a final technical report, the publication of findings in reputed journals








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