UGC Introduces Faculty Recruitment Portal II CU-Chayan Portal launched

CU-Chayan Portal launched

In an effort to recruit faculty members in the central universities in the country, the University Grants Commission has launched a website called CU-Chayan Portal

It is a good news for you that, if you hold a PhD degree and you are struggling to find a job, this CU-Chayan Portal, a Faculty Recruitment Portal called the Unified Recruitment Portal for Central Universities in India, will assist you to find a job in an easier way.

The purpose of this article is to discuss about this new portal and how the registration process works. After reading this article we hope you are more informed about this portal that was announced by the UGC Chairmain

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The CU-Chayan portal is an integrated recruitment portal that has been specifically designed and developed to meet the needs of faculty recruitment at Central Universities in India.

What is CU-Chayan Portal

CU-Chayan is an integrated portal for recruitment in higher education system in India, the portal application has been specifically designed and developed for recruitment of faculty at all Central Universities in India.

In May 2, 2023, Professor Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar, Chairman, UGC, launched the Central University Faculty Recruitment Portal name CU-Chayan portal

On this occasion UGC Chairman Professor M Jagadesh Kumar shared a lot of information about this Recruitment Portal for Central Universities.

Along with this, answers have also been given to the major questions and queries related to the functioning of the CU-Chayan Portal.

The portal is completely user friendly and fulfil to the needs of all the stakeholders in the recruitment process.
UGC has developed this portal to create an qualifying environment for both universities and applicants.

There are numerous advantages and flexibility in this portal to having universities run all phases of the recruitment process separately, as is currently running in each university.

How does the CU-Chayan Portal work

In order to provide a common platform for applicants and universities to describe vacancies/jobs/advertisements/ in all Central Universities of India, the portal provides a common platform for applicants and universities.

Through the portal, the recruitment process can be completed entirely on online, from application to screening, and alerts can be sent to all users who use the portal.
The portal is equipped with a number of key features, some of which are as follows:

  1. There is a single login page that needs to be accessed in order to apply for all professor jobs at Central Universities in India.
  2. There is the possibility to track applications in real time and gather insights and analyses based on the application.
  3. The applicants have separate dashboards that they can access separately and use as they see fit
  4. It is important for every university/department to have its own Admin Dashboard which is used for recruiting and advertising
  5. There is also an integrated email communication tool, Online Feedback and References for applicants

How to register in CU-Chayan Portal

Here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to register yourself on Cu-chayan portal. All you have to do is click on the link

We are here providing you with 5 steps on how to register, along with a step-by-step guide on how to register.

Step1: Type on the internet and click on the first link, as shown below, to access the registration form.

CU-Chayan Portal launched

Step 2: You can redirect to the new dashboard, scroll below, and click on the register as shown below.

CU-Chayan Portal launched

Step 3: On the register page, fill in all the required information (email ID, password, and captcha) and click on register.

CU-Chayan Portal launched

Step 4: Again you will be redirected to the Cu-Chayan home dash board, and you will immediately get an email to confirm your registration.

CU-Chayan Portal launched

Note: In order to be able to log in, you need to confirm your email address by clicking the link in your email address. Without confirmation, you are not able to login.

Step 5: Final step Login to your CU-Chayan portal using your email ID, password and fill captcha as whown below and click login.

CU-Chayan Portal launched

You have completed your task and you are now memeber of CU-chayan

Find belwo your own separate dashboard for the CU-Chayan portal, and you can maintain and use it in your way for further job applications and all

CU-Chayan Portal launched

Role of CU-Chayan portal play in faculty recruitment

  • In order to assist universities in tracking applications in real time, the platform offers a modified admin dashboard as well as customizable advertising rules for universities.
  • Moreover, it is also able to conduct the entire application process online between the initial application and the screening stage including the payment gateway, as well as offering built-in e-mail communication tools and online feedback and reference options for referees.
  • In addition, the platform offers real-time analytics and data insights into the application process during the whole process.
  • It is possible for members of the University Screening Committee to view information about applicants, grades/research scores awarded by the system, and to verify the documents uploaded for each entry by viewing the details of the applicants.
  • It is possible for the Screening Committee’s comments and points to be entered into the portal itself, as well.

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How CU-Chayan portal benefit applicants

  • For applicants, the platform offers a host of features, including a consolidated list of job or vacancy notifications across all central universities of India with a single login to apply to any university, and a personal portal to manage the application process.
  • There is an option for the applicants on the dashboard of the portal and applicant can also search for their eligible jobs using various filters like University Name, Location, Designation, Category, Subject, Employment Type, Experience, Education Level etc.
  • Not only this, through this single portal, applicants will be able to apply for any faculty position at any Central Universities using a single application process.
  • They can update their application from individual dashboard for each applicant and can transfer this application to any Central University which has started recruitment to Faculty posts.
  • Registered applicants will also receive an auto email informing about new vacancies being released by any Central University.
  • Please note that this portal is only for faculty vacancies in all Central Universities.

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General FAQ Related to CU-Chayan Portal

Q 1. How does this CU-Chayan portal affect CU’s autonomy

Not at all. As they used to do in the past, central universities will continue to advertise faculty positions, collect online applications, shortlist applicants, conduct interviews and appoint new faculty members using this portal.

Q 2. Does CU-Chayan portal affect the recruitment process

All the above activities will be conducted through Admin Dashboard for each University on this portal. UGC will maintain this portal for the benefit of all CUs and there is no centralized recruitment process for all CUs. All CUs will have autonomy in the recruitment process and all recruitment will be done by the respective CUs

Q 3. Is this Portal consulted with the CU,s Vice Chancellors

Yes, CU-chayan Portal has been developed in consultation with all CU,s Vice Chancellors.
Their feedback and inputs have been incorporated and changes can be made to
the portal to customize it to meet the specific needs of a CU. UGC will also provide training to CUs to use this portal.

Q 4. Can candidates now apply on the portal as well as at the university?

No, from now onwards applicants will have to apply only on the CU-Select portal for all recruitments and all Central Universities have deactivated their recruitment portal.

Q 5. Do CUs still have to advertise faculty vacancies in newspapers

Yes, They should continue with the present practice of short advertisements in newspapers and a link to the CU-Select portal to view the detailed advertisement.

Q 6. Is the portal going to affect reservations or rosters?

Not yet, existing reservation systems will not be affected, and each university will continue to follow the reservation system provided by the Government of India and prepare their respective rosters in accordance with the rules laid down by the DoPT.

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