Professors Of Practice Teacher in Universities/ Colleges Without Ph.D/NET, UGC New Guidelines

Professors of practice

Professors of practice are university/college professors or teachers who do not have any education degree or other qualifications required for selection as a teacher in a university or college; they are also known as non-tenure track teachers.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) of India is going to try a new way to hire business professionals as faculty members. This will be done under the new category of teachers in universities/colleges known as “Professors of practice.” The decision was made at the 560th UGC meeting, which took place last week at the UGC headquarters and was led by UGC chairman M. Jagadesh Kumar. The announcement notification will most likely be sent out during the upcoming month.

Read; Guidelines for Engaging Professor of Practice in Universities and Colleges

How are the professors of practise

Those who have at least 15 years of service or experience and have proven expertise in their field of profession or function only at the senior level.

Those who give professional education to the students in the university/college can come from different fields of expertise and can come from different fields of expertise, including engineering, science, technology, entrepreneurship, business, social sciences, media, literature, fine arts, law, and public administration, as well as other professions etc.

Professors Of Practice

Categories of professors of practise

As per the guidelines issued by the UGC, New Delhi the Professor of Practice is appointed in different cotegries in the universities/colleges for different levels of teaching and academic activities. Thee selection will ne made on in one of the following categories:

  • Professor of Practice supported by Industry Contributions
  • Professor of Practice supported by HEIs‘ own resources
  • Professor of Practice on a volunteer basis

How to apply for Professors of Practice

Experts and aspirants for professors of practise can simply send their nomination to the respective Vice-Chancellor/Director in which they are interested in applying for the professor post, along with a detailed biodata and a brief write-up about their potential contribution to the institute and a detailed description of their role and interest.

Selection process of Professors of Practice

In the initial phase of the scrutiny process, an institutional committee will be framed for the nominations of professors of practice, and this selection committee consists of two senior institute professors and one esteemed member outside the university as an external member.

Professors Of Practice

In the second phase, the Academic Council, Executive Council, or other statutory academic bodies of the institute and universities will make the decision on who to engage based on the committee’s proposal.

Professors of Practice’s Seat Share

The guidelines state that only up to 10% of an institute’s total faculty may be ‘Professors of Practice’ at any given time.

Professors Of Practice

Duties of Professors of Practice

Such “Professors of Practice” will focus on “active collaboration” with the industry in which they are for various ranges of work, such as project work or obtaining internships, among other things, in addition to giving lectures to students at the university and college levels.

Remuneration of Professors of Practice

As A Part-time/Full-time engagement for teaching the amount of remuneration agreed upon by both the institution and the expert.

Professors of Practice’s Job Tenure

Tenure of such faculty members “may be initially for up to one year only.”

Professors Of Practice

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