What Is Research | Type, Methods, and Characteristics?

What Is Research | Type, Methods

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It may define as the portion ofanalysisin which one has to investigate something by implementing the scientific tool in a systematic manner in accordance with the old exploration and reach a new conclusion as well as the result should be compared with the old ones.

An effort carried out by an investigator in a systematic way to increase the stock of information and knowledge which is indirectly and ultimately benefit the human and society etc.”

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Types of research

Most studies can be divided into three categories or types on the basis of the effort we use and serve a different purposes and can be used in a variety of ways.

Exploratory Type

It is defined as an investigation that is used to investigate a problem that is not well defined and it is usually done when the problem is in the early stages. It is often referred to as a basic study method or translation research as it often answers questions such as why and how

For example: Interviewing an employee can give you more insight into finding a level of satisfaction in the workplace or consulting a doctor of quantum theory topics can give you more in-depth information on the topic

Descriptive Type

It is a type of investigation that describes the number of people, situations, or objects being studied. It focuses on answering the questions of how, when, when, and where If it is a problem, not why

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Causal Type

It can be defined as a method used to determine the cause and effect of a relationship between two variables. This study is widely used to determine the cause of a given behavior.

For example, when a company wants to study the behavior of its customers in the changing price of their goods, they use causal type research and test customer performance according to different variations used.

Characteristics of research

  • A systematic tactic must be followed by adopting the proper protocol and procedure for solving the objective and developing the accurate data or knowledge that is derived is in real-time from actual observations in natural settings and free from any ethics and code of conduct.
  • Accuracy in study and results obtained is one of the prime needy and important aspects of research. The data that is obtained from the study is accurate and true.
  • For example, in water sampling from rive and data collection. Need proper accuracy in the sample volume, preservation, analysis and chemical preparation, instruments used, the calibrations of instruments or tools, and the final calculation of the result of the experiment.
  • Need repetition in an experiment or depth analysis of all data collected so that there are no variances associated with it and make use of all the available data so that there is no ambiguity in inference.
  • It should create a footpath for raising new questions. Based on logical reasoning and involves both inductive and deductive methods of study and data collected helps create more opportunities for upcoming research. Or act as baseline data for further study

The most commonly used method in a research study

The method is a particular process, design, or procedure to solve the objective of your research in a systematic way. The methods are all about the way we design, conduct, and analyze our work conducted and also report and interpret our research studies.

Leading a methodology studies will generate evidence-based improvement in the way we design and run our studies

We should follow the standard method of research in our area from published data. For example, if we wish to go for water analysis we use to follow the standard methods of APHA (2012).

Observation study

Observational studies are those where investigators see the impact of a risk factor, diagnostic test, treatment, or other intervention without trying to change who is not available to them. Group studies and case management courses are two types of assessment studies

Survey type study

A survey is a method used to collect data from a predetermined group of respondents to find out asking multiple people a question or series of questions to gather information about what people are doing or thinking about something.

An example of looking at and exploring all parts of an object is measuring and exploring the earth’s surface

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Experimental study:

An experimental study is a study that adheres strictly to scientific research design. It includes a hypothesis, variables that the researcher can use, and variables that can be measured, calculated, and compared. Most importantly, the experimental study is completed in a controlled environment.

Case Study

A case study is a detailed study of a particular subject, such as a person, group, place, event, organization, or object. Model courses are often used in social, educational, medical, and business research.

Content analysis study

Content analysis is a tool used to determine the presence of specific words, themes, or concepts within a particular quality data provided in the form of a text.

Using content analysis, researchers can measure and analyze the presence, definitions, and relationships of specific words, themes, or concepts.

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General FAQ Related to Research

Q 1. What is research in Common words?

In the researcher’s efforts in a systematic way to increase the stock of information and evidence that is inaccurate and ultimately beneficial to individuals and communities

Q 2. What is the purpose of the research?

The main purpose is to grow society by developing knowledge with the implementation of scientific concepts, ideas, and models.

Q 3. What is an example of research?

A well knows example is the model in which scientists try to find a cure for COVID-19 infection and develop a vaccine for its treatment.

Q 4. What is the importance of A research?

To find the problem and answer your question.
To fill the gaps of knowledge and facilitate effective learning
To change the way of living.
To diagnose diseases and health problems
To understand various issues

Q 5. Common types of research

It can be divided into three categories or types on the basis of the effort we use ie., Exploratory, Descriptive, and Causal.

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